2019 Schedule

Thursday, June 20th
Thursday, June 20th
3:30pm–04:30pm MDT
2019 Health
Can Science Be Trusted? Findings from the Wellcome Global Monitor Report

More than 140,000 people from more than 140 countries have told researchers just what they think and feel about science and key health challenges, such as vaccinations. Wellcome is releasing the findings for the first time at Aspen Ideas: Health. The largest such survey to date cuts across language, culture, and literacy levels to reveal how much people trust science, whether they feel it benefits...

Paepcke Auditorium — Festival Previews
2019 Health
From Roe v. Wade to Obamacare: What Will the Courts Decide?

Courts play a pivotal role in determining what health services American receive, and how they are paid for. That’s been apparent in the challenges to the Affordable Care Act and it will be evident as advocates respond to the restrictive new abortion laws being passed in multiple states. The judicial system is also deeply involved in decisions that affect commerce, many of which have profound clini...

Koch Tent — Festival Previews
5:00pm–06:00pm MDT
2019 Health
2019 Aspen Ideas: Health Opening and Welcome

Join Dan Porterfield, Margaret Low, and Peggy Clark to kick off Aspen Ideas: Health, featuring Big Ideas from Aspen Ideas: Health Presenters.

Greenwald Pavilion — Opening Session
7:30pm–08:30pm MDT
2019 Health
'The Cut on Tuesdays' Podcast: How Leana Wen Gets It Done (Live Taping)

When Leana Wen became only the second physician ever to lead Planned Parenthood, she was returning to an organization that years earlier had provided health care to much of her own immigrant family. Emerging from poverty, Wen graduated from college, summa cum laude, at age 18 and became a Rhodes scholar, a practicing ER doctor, a public health leader, a book author, and a passionate advocate for r...

Belly Up Aspen — Evening Session
In town event
7:30pm–09:00pm MDT
2019 Health
Dear Evan Hansen: Broadway and Mental Health

Can a Broadway musical actually help destigmatize and further the mental health conversation in our culture? The Tony Award-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen has proven that the answer is yes – doing just that through sensitive storytelling on stage and the cast and crew's work with mental health not-for-profits off stage. In this panel, Dr. Harold Koplewicz, president and medical director of the C...

Paepcke Auditorium — Evening Session
8:30pm–09:30pm MDT
2019 Health
CBD: Hype or Hope?

Suddenly, CBD is everywhere – it’s being sold in major drugstore chains and showing up in skin lotion, smoothies, baked goods, lozenges, pet food, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Some people swear by CBD to treat inflammation, anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and just about everything else. Derived from the cannabis plant, it is part of a class that also includ...

Hotel Jerome Ballroom — Evening Session
In town event
Friday, June 21st
8:00am–08:50am MDT
2019 Health
Philanthropy Charts the Future

Fueled by a sense of mission and the recognition that neither government nor the private sector alone can set society on an optimal course, foundations play a unique role in propelling change. Philanthropy’s power comes from its willingness to test new ideas, measure outcomes, and accept that failure can sometimes be the price of experimentation. Above all, it comes from the recognition that the h...

Koch Building, Lauder Room — Breakfast Talk
2019 Health
Is Immortality the Goal?

Can aging be cured? Hypothesizing that damage to the body accumulates over time, in fairly random ways, researchers and venture capitalists are investigating the mechanisms involved and searching for therapies to prevent or reverse the harms. If their breakthroughs don’t bring true immortality, they could at least vastly extend the healthy years of human life. Other pioneers focus more on a public...

Hotel Jerome Ballroom — Breakfast Talk
In town event
2019 Health
Reproductive Rights: Still a Battleground

Women have made health strides in recent years as attitudes toward domestic violence and sexual harassment evolve, but access to reproductive services remains an ideological lightning rod. Partisans still argue over a fundamental question: Who gets to control women’s bodies? Research shows that girls are more likely to stay in school when family planning programs are available, and that women who...

Doerr-Hosier Center, McNulty Room — Breakfast Talk
9:10am–10:00am MDT
2019 Health
The Business Case for Health: View from the C-Suite

About 40 percent of GDP in the United States is spent on either the health or financial industries, yet workers themselves are in increasingly dire health and financial straits. The plight of a large segment of the American public should be a siren call to sector leaders to align their business goals with actions that enhance household well-being and healthy communities. Fortunately, many industri...

Koch Tent — Plenary Session
2019 Health
Aspen Lecture: Understanding the Immune System

Few drugs are as powerful as the human immune system. By generating an acute inflammatory response, it allows the body to defend against microbial invaders, cancer-causing cells, and environmental toxins, and helps heal injuries and infections. But there are also cracks in the system that can turn the body against itself, triggering autoimmune diseases. How do we tamp down on “bad” inflammation wh...

Doerr-Hosier Center, McNulty Room — Plenary Session
2019 Health
The Influence of Housing on Health

Improved housing offers a tremendous opportunity to boost health. Some of the links between substandard housing and poor health are obvious, if alarming – pests and mold promote asthma, lead poisoning irreversibly damages the brains of developing children, inadequate heating and ventilation increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Less immediately visible is the impact of unaffordable housing,...

Koch Building, Lauder Room — Plenary Session
10:20am–11:10am MDT
2019 Health
How is Big Data Changing Health?

Digital systems make it possible to identify patterns and trends in global and domestic health that foster better clinical decision-making and ultimately improve outcomes. Simply put: more biological data adds up to more diagnostic and treatment information. To use these effectively, we need to scale up our capacity to aggregate data and build predictive models that allow for inclusive, custom-tai...

Doerr-Hosier Center, Kaufman Room — Breakout
2019 Health
Inflammation and Chronic Disease

Inflammation in the gut has been identified as one of the culprits in a long list of chronic illnesses, including colorectal cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. Cutting-edge research is also revealing a pathway between the gut and the brain, suggesting a possible explanation for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and a host of mood disorders. Investigators are diggi...

Madeleine K. Albright Pavilion — Breakout
2019 Health
What Will It Take to Prevent Dementia?

If we are lucky enough to reach age 85, we face a 25 percent chance of dementia, and the odds worsen with time. Some 50 million people worldwide were living with dementia in 2017, and that number is predicted to double every 20 years so that by 2050, the afflicted population will reach 132 million. The most common cause is Alzheimer’s disease, an invariably progressive condition that evolves from...

Koch Tent — Breakout
12:00pm–12:50pm MDT
2019 Health
Food, Elixir of Life

Fresh, nutritional foods are much more than one of life’s greatest pleasures, although they are certainly that. The science of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis, increasingly reveals healthy eating to be a primary determinant of health and healing. Research is bringing new rigor to recommendations that we put more whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and veget...

Hotel Jerome Ballroom — Lunch Session In Town
In town event
2019 Health
Health from the Ground Up

Recognizing that health and well-being require far more than just medicine, health systems leaders, local activists and other partners are coming together to consider how to strengthen historically underserved communities. They are talking frankly about the role of race in health care, the health needs of special populations including formerly incarcerated individuals, and the importance of access...

Doerr-Hosier Center, McNulty Room — Lunch Session On Campus
2019 Health
And Justice for All: Health Innovators Reveal What’s Missing in Health Care

Remarkable advances in health care technology have extended lives and eradicated diseases. But with commerce driving most health care innovations, many patients are being left behind. How do we foster progress that benefits everyone and reduces widening health care disparities? In four short, provocative talks, members of the Aspen Institute’s Health Innovators Fellowship provide a rapid-fire look...

Doerr-Hosier Center, Kaufman Room — Lunch Session On Campus
2019 Health
The Pros and Cons of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are getting our children addicted to nicotine and may be dangerous to the developing brain. More young people now use e-cigs than tobacco and there is growing concern that someone who vapes will eventually start smoking conventional cigarettes. So why not just ban e-cigs, or at least regulate them more vigorously? In part, because many researchers believe they are less harmful than to...

Limelight Hotel — Lunch Session On Campus
In town event
2019 Health
Putting the United States on the Path to Universal Coverage: Lessons from Abroad

Universal access to health care means many things in many nations. Taxes support a single-payer system in the United Kingdom, and health care providers are reimbursed directly by the government; patients pay nothing at the point of service. In the Netherlands, the government defines a basic benefit package and regulates private insurers; everyone is required to buy coverage, and generally to pay p...

Madeleine K. Albright Pavilion — Lunch Session On Campus
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