A team of dedicated staff, volunteers, and partners help power the Aspen Ideas Festival and Aspen Ideas: Health.

Aspen Ideas Festival Team

Tina Brown Festival Curator

Killeen Brettmann
Interim Executive Director, Public Programs

Tricia Johnson Editorial Director, Executive Producer, Public Programs

Kara Stein Director, Executive Producer, Public Programs

Katie Cassetta Associate Director, Executive Producer, Public Programs

Alex de L'Arbre Associate Director, Public Programs

Graham Veysey Executive Producer/Showrunner

Ava Hartmann Program Manager, Producer, Public Programs

Azalea Millan Associate Director, Public Programs

Maya Kobe-Rundio Associate Digital Editor, Public Programs

Natalie Shoultz Program Coordinator, Public Programs

Jacqueline Olivas-Sison Program Coordinator, Public Programs

Jackie Orwick Data Manager, Public Programs

Lizbeth Avila Executive Coordinator, Public Programs

Lauren Ciarallo Program Manager, Fellows Program

Deborah Murphy Director, Aspen Conference Services

Dulcy Kenner Assistant Director, Aspen Conference Services

Jordon Kern Logistics Coordinator, Aspen Conference Services

Aspen Ideas: Health Team

Ruth Katz Director, Aspen Ideas: Health; Executive Director, Health, Medicine and Society Program

Lola Adedokun, Executive Director, Aspen Global Innovators Program

Deb Cunningham Senior Advisor, Strategic Partnerships, Aspen Ideas: Health

Natalie Johnson Managing Director, Aspen Ideas: Health

Katie Taylor Communications and Marketing Manager, Aspen Ideas: Health

Questions about Aspen Ideas: Health sponsorships, speakers, and passes can be directed to the team at

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