Moonshots to Transform Health


We are focused on new advances in science and technology that will fundamentally change how we practice medicine.

Amy Jenkins Director of Health Science Futures at ARPA-H

Moonshots to Transform Health


Research that can generate transformative, high-impact biomedical and health breakthroughs, from the molecular to the societal, is gaining traction as the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) gets off the ground. Launched by federal legislation in March 2022, ARPA-H will make pivotal investments to stimulate dynamic health solutions that can reshape millions of people’s lives. In one of their earliest public appearances, the agency’s inaugural leaders talk about the agency’s audacious mission. By funding some of the nation’s smartest people to join multidisciplinary teams, ARPA-H expects breakthroughs in cancer, diabetes, dementia, osteoarthritis, and other catastrophic diseases.

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Moonshots to Transform Health

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