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Spotlight Health Aspen Ideas Festival 2014Spotlight Health Aspen Ideas Festival 2014

Spotlight Health returns to Aspen, Colorado, June 23-26, 2016, as the opening segment of the Aspen Ideas Festival. Celebrating its third year, Spotlight Health will again draw speakers and audience members from around the world to talk about the cutting-edge health issues of our times during three days of conversations, stories, films, interactive activities, and more. Information about Spotlight Health programming will be released ahead of registration, which opens in November. Stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter.
About Spotlight Health 2015:
Navigating Global Health Threats
Infectious diseases are emerging, hidden hunger is far too visible, violence is a public health threat, and hackers are after personal health data. What combination of resources, smarts, and crosscutting collaborations can turn the tide?
If We Build It
Architects and artists are using design and technology, from robotics and green spaces to home-based health care and hospitals planned for light and air, to change the way we live, work, and heal. How will design alter our daily lives and the systems that influence us?
Equality, Dignity and the Pursuit of Healthiness
Reducing global inequality is the moral imperative of our time. How can we reach more people with health-generating strategies?
The Science of the Possible
We have the capacity, wisdom, and determination to bring clean water to the world's population, provide better health care to more people at lower cost, advance knowledge of behavioral health, and defeat malignancies with personalized medicine. What are the restraints and how do we push past them?