Commonwealth Fund

The Commonwealth Fund is a proud supporter of Aspen Ideas: Health 2022 and is dedicated to affordable, quality health care for everyone.

The United States has long been marked by racism and discrimination. This legacy of inequity is also embedded in our health care system. It is evident in the profound disparities in health care access, delivery, and quality that adversely affect the health and well-being of Black Americans, Indigenous Americans, and people of color.

We as a foundation are conscious of our own role in the creation and perpetuation of these injustices. And we are committed to dismantling racism in health care.

The Commonwealth Fund envisions a health care system that values and benefits all people equally — one that combats racism and pursues equity, both in treatment and outcomes as well as in leadership and decision-making.

We believe achieving this goal requires an antiracist alliance of people and institutions across sectors of society. Only by working together can we recognize and value the lived experience of all individuals; ensure the delivery of compassionate, affordable, quality health care; and strive for equitable outcomes for all.

Learn more about the Commonwealth Fund’s work to advance health equity here.

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