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Building the Health Workforce We Need to Advance Health for All

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that good health is at the heart of human progress. Good health enables families to thrive, communities to prosper, and countries to achieve economic security. To that end, we are committed to advancing global health equity and realizing the goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)—ensuring that everyone, everywhere has access to quality, affordable healthcare.

There is growing recognition that achieving UHC and eliminating health disparities is dependent on a sufficient, equitably distributed and thriving health workforce. With an estimated shortage of 10 million health workers worldwide to achieve global health priorities, and half the world’s population lacking essential health services, Johnson & Johnson and the Johnson & Johnson Foundation are tackling health equity challenges head-on through ambitious initiatives, including:

Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation – a center dedicated to solving health workforce challenges and equipping individual health workers to thrive

Our Race to Health Equity – a movement that aspires to help eliminate health inequities for people of color

Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures – a fund within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation investing in companies and entrepreneurs innovating to improve health equity for underserved populations around the world.

With limited resources available globally and significant challenges to overcome, we collaborate with stakeholders across sectors to advance health equity goals together, while supporting and championing health workers—the people at the heart of delivering care.

Johnson & Johnson is proud to partner with 2023 Aspen Ideas: Health to celebrate the power of big ideas and community health innovators as champions for change.

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