Common Health Coalition

The Common Health Coalition is uniting America’s leading health organizations in pursuit of a reimagined health system: one in which the nation’s health care and public health systems work hand in hand.

Founded by AHIP, the Alliance of Community Health Plans, the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, and Kaiser Permanente, the Common Health Coalition is using lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen the relationships between health care organizations and public health systems, two vitally important components of the U.S. health system that have long operated in parallel.

Informed by expert analysis and real-world examples, the Coalition is leading a bold set of commitments and actions to advance the vision of better collaboration with — and support for — public health across four focus areas:

●     Coordination between health care and public health

●     Always-on emergency preparedness

●     Real-time disease detection

●     Exchange of actionable data, particularly to advance equity

Partnership is key to the Common Health Coalition’s work, and the Coalition’s founding members are calling on U.S. health care and public health organizations to join their effort. The Coalition aims to identify, amplify, and replicate the innovations already happening across the country and to create a movement of leaders committed to breaking down silos that hinder progress and expanding effective work happening at the intersection of health care and public health. Interested organizations can explore the Common Health Compendium for examples of effective activities they can take on as they join the Coalition and commit to action.

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