New Era for Alzheimer’s Disease?


Now we can detect and diagnose Alzheimer’s disease before someone is in the phase of dementia.

Fanny Elahi Physician Scientist, Mount Sinai

New Era for Alzheimer’s Disease?


The world has renewed hope that impactful treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias may finally be on the horizon. While previous therapies have modestly improved memory and cognition, none has altered the fundamental biology of the disease. Now, we have clinical trial results from monoclonal antibodies that appear to do just that by removing the amyloid-beta protein from the brain. These results suggest that other promising avenues of research—intervening at earlier stages of disease, targeting multiple disease mechanisms, and developing biomarker-based risk stratifications—could lead to increasingly better treatments for brain degeneration and end dementia.

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New Era for Alzheimer’s Disease?

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