The Health Sector Goes Green


Our mission is to do no harm, but there are many ways healthcare is damaging our environment.

Shanda Demorest Associate Director for Climate Engagement and Education at Health Care...

The Health Sector Goes Green


More than 8% of US greenhouse gas emissions originate in the health sector. Recognizing the urgency of change, almost 1,000 hospitals, industry organizations, and trade associations have embraced the federal government’s voluntary Health Sector Climate Pledge, promising to cut their emissions in half by 2030. Practical, cost-effective actions with dramatic payoffs include designing green surgical suites that limit the use of the most polluting anesthetics, reducing building emissions, reconfiguring transportation and supply chains, and curbing single-use plastics. In a domain that pledges to do no harm, reducing the health sector’s immense carbon footprint is a must.

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The Health Sector Goes Green

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