Soothing Sounds in the Hospital


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Yoko Sen Sound Artist; Founder, Sen Sound

Soothing Sounds in the Hospital


Alarms, intercoms, monitors, and other life-saving hospital equipment batter patients and clinicians alike with noise around the clock. The impact of that cacophony may be hard to measure, but it’s a fair bet that it doesn’t promote well-being. What if the auditory experience in hospitals was more than an assault on the ears? Redesigning the soundscape to make medical equipment more harmonious, tailoring the machinery to reduce nonurgent alerts, and introducing music, with its evocative and stress-reducing power, can all help. What are the best strategies for tuning out the beeps and chirps that now dominate clinical settings, and scaling up healing sounds? Find out at this interactive sensory experience, which reimagines sounds in the hospital.

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Soothing Sounds in the Hospital

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