Healthier Living through Innovation


The Three I’s: Identify, Invent and then Implement

Rajiv Doshi Adjunct Professor of Medicine and Director, Stanford India Biodesign P...

Healthier Living through Innovation


Once inventions work their way into widespread use –- the Internet and the cell phone, the X-ray machine and the CT scanner –- we stop thinking about them as novelties, and start considering them inevitable. Today, the possibilities for health-related innovations seem greater than ever, as massive amounts of data and lightning-speed computers are coupled with evermore sophisticated scientific and biological knowledge. But it still takes creativity, perseverance, and perhaps some chutzpah to imagine what doesn’t yet exist –- and to ensure equity. How does technology evolve from an idea into an indispensable tool? How do innovators innovate?

  • 2019 Health

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Healthier Living through Innovation

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