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It starts with trauma, with grievance. It starts with marginalization. And then eventually, people find a place to belong to express their rage.

Christian Picciolini Founder, Goldmill Group; Author, White American Youth: My Descent into...
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Stopping Hate in an Era of Fragmentation

Stopping Hate in an Era of Fragmentation

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The deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue is the latest hate crime in an especially atrocious period. The number of hate crimes against religious minority communities has surged in recent years, and it’s likely driven, in part, by the country’s deep polarization. Luckily, solutions are surfacing and some are led by this episode’s speakers. Christian Picciolini is a former white supremacist who now helps others disengage from hate movements. Farhan Latif runs the El-Hibri Foundation, which empowers Muslim leaders. With her Aspen Institute project Inclusive America, Zeenat Rahman is finding ways for a divided America to embrace people of all faith backgrounds. Meryl Chertoff leads the Institute’s Justice and Society program. She’s also executive editor of “Pluralism in Peril,” an Aspen Institute report that offers guidance to interfaith leaders and others on how to build an environment that incorporates American religious minorities.

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