5 Talks to Inspire You in the New Year

Laurie Santos, psychology professor at Yale, delivers ideas on how to live a happier life.
Are you looking to de-stress and find more meaning in your life? Professor and psychologist Laurie Santos shares happiness tips from her course Psy157— the most popular class in Yale’s history. Perhaps you’d like to find common ground with a loved one who thinks differently on politics. Listen as Reverend Adam Hamilton speaks with Joshua Johnson about how he mends divisions within his congregation and community. Those ideas and other insights shared in the conversations below may guide your intentions in 2019, or just provide a healthy dose of new knowledge!
  1. Crash Course on Happiness (podcast)
  2. Addressing Partisanship at the Pulpit (podcast)
  3. The Second Mountain: The Next Big Challenge in Your Life (video)
  4. Can Character Be Learned? (podcast)
  5. From Despair to Optimism on Climate Change (video)
A Look Back: MLK's 'I Have a Dream'
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the historic speech in August of 1963. His call to end to racism in the United States marks a defining moment in the nation's move toward civil rights. The speech was given to 250,000 people then, but has reached countless millions since. At Aspen Ideas, Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein, explained why it’s hailed as a masterpiece of rhetoric. Rubenstein is an advocate for preserving American history and increasing the public's interest in it. 
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