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Inside the Health Tech Showcase

During Aspen Ideas: Health 2023, four innovators shared how they are using new technologies to reimagine the common health devices we use to treat patients and improve their quality of life. Watch the demos to learn how these new takes on the wheelchair, hearing aids, the stethoscope, and more, are challenging the status quo.

  • February 28th 2024

Connor Landgraf, CEO of Eko Health, has taken the stethoscope to the next level with the 3MTM Littman CORE by pairing digital technology with distraction-free acoustics to identify signs of heart disease in seconds.

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Stepping Up the Stethoscope with Digital Technology

Andrea Aicardi, Vice President of Growth at Neosensory, has provided an alternative to traditional hearing aids with the Clarify wristband, which feeds sound vibrations directly from the skin to the brain. 

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Good Vibrations: The Wristband That Can Improve Hearing

Garrett Brown, CEO of Exokinetics, has combined the walker with the wheelchair to create the Zeen, which easily bridge sitting, standing, walking, and coasting.

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Gliding into a New Era of Mobility Devices

Teen inventor Leanne Fan has developed the Finsen Headphones using machine learning and blue-light technology to detect and treat middle-ear infections. 

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Headphones That Shine a (Blue) Light on Ear Infections

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