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2024 Aspen Ideas Festival Program Overview

On the 20th year of the Aspen Ideas Festival, you will hear the conversations that matter from the people who inspire.

  • November 14th 2023

Bright Minds for Dark Times

Aspen Ideas Festival 2024 makes sense of an era of transformation and turbulence unfolding at breakneck speed. At every turn, societies, professions, social norms, and political systems are being disrupted or reimagined. But even as we confront existential dangers, we are sustained by the creative thinkers ablaze with groundbreaking ideas and imaginative solutions who confirm our best impulses and lead us to new understanding.

On the 20th year of the Aspen Ideas Festival, you will hear the conversations that matter from the people who inspire. Amidst the serenity of the Aspen Institute’s 40-acre campus, guest curator Tina Brown, celebrated magazine editor and author, is assembling an extraordinary cast of:

Truth Tellers journalists, activists, and heroes

Culture Shapers authors, artists, filmmakers, historians 

Decision Makers global leaders, politicians, and policymakers

Wealth Builders business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and champions of economic mobility

Soul Savers leaders in the spheres of faith, wellness, lifestyle, happiness, family and caregiving

Peace Makers promoters of reconciliation in racial, social, and global conflict

Game Changers innovators at the forefront of A.I., tech, urban futures, climate; as well as explorers of land, sea, and space 

Explainers of Now thinkers, philosophers, educators, behavioral scientists, and futurists

We will continue to focus on key topic areas, including geo-politics, the economy, domestic policy, arts & culture, technology & science, human behavior, and more. We hope you'll join us in June to connect with others who value curiosity and new ideas!

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