Looking to Workers to Measure Our Economy

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While the workforce is still adapting to the changing economic landscape, one thing is certain — the traditional blueprints for education and the workplace have been ripped up. It's the perfect time to reimagine something better. How are workers managing amidst the wake of the pandemic and ongoing economic crises? Is the four-year degree actually helping young people launch their careers? What responsibilities do supervisors and CEOs have to their employees? And how do we strike the right balance between working in your pajamas and having opportunities for in-person connection?

First Things First: What Can We Do About Inflation?

Steven Rattner
Course-Correcting the Mistakes of the Pandemic

  • Steven Rattner

To Rebuild the Economy, Invest in Women

Beatriz Acevedo
The Power of Investing in Women

  • Beatriz Acevedo

Check-Writing Power

Venture capital investing Aspen Ideas Health
There's still an under-investment in female-founded companies

  • Kathryne Cooper

Rethinking Education To Democratize Opportunity

  • Rachel Romer Carlson

Designing a Flexible and Fulfilling Future with Hybrid Work

Aif 2022 Hybrid
Work needs to work for everyone

  • Jacqueline M. Welch

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