(Re)Building the Economy? Invest in Women


Every single one of us has some opportunity to shine a light on the talents of another person.

Loretta McCarthy Co-CEO of Golden Seeds

(Re)Building the Economy? Invest in Women


It’s no secret that money in the hands of women is money well taken care of — with copious evidence to prove it. The question is how to get more money into those hands, especially now. An estimated 1.2 million women left the workforce between 2020 and 2022 — thanks largely to the pandemic’s demand for caretakers at home — effecting an enormous economic setback for women and women-owned businesses. How will they recover their financial capacity and security? Will women return to the jobs they left, or will they forge new ways to create a living? A diverse panel of women leaders shares how tech, investment, and access to capital will put women back on the path to financial success.

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(Re)Building the Economy? Invest in Women

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