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Raegan McDonald-Mosley

CEO, Power to Decide

Raegan McDonald-Mosley is CEO of Power to Decide, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that aims to improve sexual and reproductive well-being, focusing on people facing the most barriers to information and access to services. As a physician advocate, obstetrician-gynecologist McDonald-Mosley elevates issues such as tackling health care inequities and the role of racism in differential health outcomes. She is a founding board member of Dr. Shalon’s Maternal Action Project, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing maternal health disparities; has been a leading national voice for a switch to over-the-counter status for oral contraception; and is a steering committee member of the Free the Pill coalition. In 2016 McDonald-Mosley received Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 award. She is a fellow of the Health Innovators Fellowship and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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