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Mimi G

Founder and CEO, Mimi G Style; Co-Founder, Melanated Fabrics and Creative Center; Vice President of Design, Brand Strategy, and Patterns, Design Group

Mimi G is the founder and CEO of the Mimi G Style fashion and lifestyle brand, which includes her DIY blog and the sewing and design school Sew It! Academy. Her courses on DIY sewing, self-empowerment, business coaching, and lifestyle have resulted in 3.2 million followers across all social media platforms. A serial entrepreneur and inspiration, Mimi G is also the co-founder of Melanated Fabrics and Creative Center and vice president of design, brand strategy, and patterns at Design Group. A mother of four, wife, and champion of women, earlier in her life she was a victim of abuse as a child, a teen runaway, a homeless teenage mother, and a domestic violence survivor.

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