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Kara Swisher

Editor at Large, New York Media; Podcast Host, “On With Kara Swisher” and “Pivot”; Contributing Writer, New York Magazine

Kara Swisher is an editor at large at New York Media, where she hosts its “On With Kara Swisher” podcast and co-hosts its “Pivot” podcast. She’s also a contributing writer for New York Magazine and contributor at CNN, where she’s a panelist on the “Chris Wallace Show.” Previously, Swisher hosted the “Sway” podcast and was a contributing columnist at The New York Times. A journalist who has covered the internet since 1994, Swisher co-founded the independent media company and tech news website Recode, later acquired by Vox Media, hosted the “Recode” podcast and was co-executive editor of the online publication “All Things Digital.” The author of two books about AOL, her latest is a memoir: “Burn Book: A Tech Love Story.”

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