Afternoon of Conversation


Doors open at 2 p.m.

Part 1. The Disruptors: Two of Silicon Valley’s most innovative founders also share a tight friendship. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has transformed how people travel, host and experience new worlds. Sam Altman’s OpenAI put artificial intelligence in the hands of everyone with the release of ChatGPT and set off a race to dominate the digital future.

Part 2. American Vortex Bitter partisan divides, a broken immigration system, vast income inequality, lack of faith in government, a turbulent presidential election whose outcome could shred democratic norms. How can America rise to its challenges?

Part 3. Rebel with a Cause Actress and activist Jane Fonda is mad as hell — and she’s unleashing her trademark ferocity to address climate change — one of the most pressing issues of our lifetimes. Now 86, she recently said, “This is the moment I have to completely show up with everything I have. I want to be part of the generation that does something about it … because this is it.” She joins journalist Katie Couric to explain what she’s doing to save the planet.

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