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Jen Batchelor

Creator and Chief Euphorics Officer, Kin Euphorics

Jen Batchelor is the creator and chief euphorics officer of Kin Euphorics, a science-backed line of functional beverages designed to enhance mood and reduce cravings. Trained in Ayurvedic medicine, Batchelor specializes in the intersection of psychotropic herbs and the psychology of trauma and addiction. As a third generation distiller of wildcrafted spirits, Batchelor’s mission is to evolve the 10,000-year-old ritual of social drinking into an act of better being for people and planet. Her company, Kin, was the first non-alcoholic beverage brand to bring the concept of “braincare” to the bar and has successfully replaced over 40 million ounces of ethyl-alcohol since its launch in 2018.

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