Sh2022 Chowdhury Jeeshan

Jeeshan Chowdhury

Co-Founder and CEO, Journey Colab

Jeeshan Chowdhury is co-founder and CEO of Journey Colab, a biopharmaceutical company unlocking the science of psychedelics to build a new model of addiction care. A seasoned entrepreneur, Chowdhury co-founded Hacking Health, a non-profit organization that holds “hackathons” in which front-line clinicians and technology experts collaborate across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia to develop web and mobile software solutions targeting some of health care’s most complex problems. He also started ListRunner, a Y-Combinator-backed digital tool for frontline clinical teams, subsequently sold to health care integration company Commure. Chowdhury is the recipient of multiple national level research awards, has edited two medical licensing exam preparation textbooks, and attended the NASA Astrobiology Academy working on a life sciences research project that will eventually go into space.

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