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Dipender Saluja

Managing Director, Capricorn Investment Group

Dipender Saluja is managing director at Capricorn, an investment firm founded to demonstrate that it is possible to invest profitably and strive for extraordinary investment results by leveraging market forces to accelerate large-scale impact while driving sustainable positive change. Capricorn’s investments include Tesla, Planet Labs, QuantumScape, Innovium, SpaceX, Twitter, and Saildrone. An electrical engineer by training, Dipender was previously chief of staff at Cadence, an electronic design firm, and worked at Data General (EMC), Honeywell, ROLM (IBM), and GF Energy Research. He serves on the boards of AST, Automatiks, Calstart, Encell, GotIt!, Innovium, Joby Aviation, Navitas Semi, QuantumScape, RayVio, Sense & Sunpreme, and the PRIME IC.

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