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Andy Slavitt

Founding Partner, Town Hall Ventures

Andy Slavitt is a founding partner of Town Hall Ventures, a health care firm that invests in underrepresented communities. Slavitt was President Biden’s White House senior advisor for the COVID-19 response. He is currently a member of a President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology working group on public health. He served as President Obama’s head of Medicare and Medicaid and oversaw the turnaround, implementation, and defense of the Affordable Care Act. Slavitt is founder and board chair emeritus of United States of Care, a national nonprofit health advocacy organization. He chronicles what goes on inside government and across the nation at town halls, in USA Today, on his “In the Bubble” podcast, and on Twitter. Slavitt’s book Preventable, an account of the US coronavirus response, was published in 2021.

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