Rural Mythticism: Fake News about Rural America


Rural America has come to the nation’s attention. But much discussion in the media and coffee shops, at conferences and dinner tables, relies on incorrect or no data, largely idyllic or dystopic tropes and images, and opinion uninformed by rural experience. The full picture of rural America is quite different. It has gained population in the last two years. Agriculture employs less than 4 percent of the rural workforce. Rural leaders are generating productive economic and social innovations just as in urban America. Immigrants are helping revive rural economies and culture. Placemaking is rampant. Impact investing is on the rise. The voting map is red and blue and purple. Start the day with a frank and revealing exchange with rural doers, knowers, and advocates. Bring all those questions about rural America you have always wanted to ask. Help foster a truer narrative about America’s rural people, places, culture, and economy.

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Rural Mythticism: Fake News about Rural America

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