Road Map to Net-Zero (Deep Dive)


It’s going to take a world of ingenuity and a world of effort.

Ryan Panchadsaram Investor and advisor at Kleiner Perkins

Road Map to Net-Zero (Deep Dive)


If the world is going to get to net-zero carbon emissions, we’ll need comprehensive, systemic change. We also need to recognize that there is no silver bullet, but a series of actions that must be taken by government, industry, and community. In short, we need a plan. In this two-part session, Ryan Pandchadsaram, co-author of Speed and Scale, lays out a blueprint for saving the planet. Then, Kleiner Perkins’s John Doerr and energy expert Hal Harvey dive deeper into critical actions for those looking to drive down our country’s greenhouse gas emissions — and share stories of people who are making those changes a reality.

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Road Map to Net-Zero (Deep Dive)

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