Resetting U.S.'s Role in the Global Economy


Click the pink button above to start the video. The pendulum of American foreign engagement has swung between isolationism and internationalism before. But with four years of “America First” brought to a halt by the election of Joe Biden, never has it swung back so quickly. On top of that, a global pandemic has forced the world to recognize our interconnectedness: What starts in one corner of the world spreads quickly. How can America mend its domestic fractures while also rebuilding its global goodwill? As issues abound, from the concerning rise of China to frayed relations with allies to growing global income equality, the United States has much to tackle on an international scale. What will it take to reset our place in the world?

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At 4PM EST, join an interactive session where audience members can engage in Q&A with Michael Froman, Adrienne Harris, Andrea Jungand Stephanie Flanders. They will discuss how the digitization of our financial systems might translate to an equitable economy in the breakout session, A National Agenda for Financial Inclusion.

Also at 4PM EST, Reshma Saujani, Betsey Stevenson, and Peggy Collins will discuss A Marshall Plan for Moms. During the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of women have left the workforce. Can solutions like affordable child care bring women back?

The final breakout session of the day is at 5PM EST. Engage with Jean Case, Peggy Alford, and Jenny Surane during their live session, Building an Inclusive Recovery for the Long Term.

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Resetting U.S.'s Role in the Global Economy

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