Higher Ed on Shaky Ground


We try to create a community where our students must learn how to live with people who are different.

Carol Quillen President of Davidson College

Higher Ed on Shaky Ground


Higher education was once one of our most trusted sectors in American society. But today, colleges and universities are struggling to hold onto that trust. Accused of being educationally ineffective, too expensive, obsessed with their own elitism, inept at dealing well with the explosion of depression and anxiety among their students — the list of criticisms is long. Many consumers are confused about the massive endowments of the most well-off institutions and have doubts about long standing commitments like tenure, D-1 athletics, and affirmative action. And then there’s the rising skepticism across the country about expertise. So, how do America’s leading institutions navigate this terrain? What is their real value proposition for today and tomorrow? What needs to change, and what — if anything — do we need to protect?

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Higher Ed on Shaky Ground

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