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I want to help prevent hearing loss from ear infections, especially in children.

Leanne Fan Inventor of the Finsen Headphones


The belief that the paralyzed will walk and the deaf will hear is a staple of religion, literature, and myth. Now, technology is actually making that happen. Zeen has designed a battery-free mobility device to combine the best functions of a walker and wheelchair. Wristbands created by Neosensory feed sound vibrations directly from the skin to the brain, improving the ability to process words and taming tinnitus. Finsen headphones, developed by an inventor barely into her teens, use machine learning and blue-light technology to detect and treat middle-ear infections. Eko’s 3MTM Littman® CORE Stethoscope pairs digital technology and distraction-free acoustics to identify heart murmurs in seconds. Come test these breakthrough products!

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Health Tech Showcase

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