Creating Value for Great Ideas: Take Them to Scale


In the innovation process, ideation is the creation of a great idea. But that’s not enough. Scaling is required to create value for great ideas, and this stage requires skills the entrepreneur often does not natively possess. Braddock Scholars is a response to this need. This Aspen Institute program chooses promising business ventures, profit or not-for-profit, from the widespread Aspen innovative family, and couples them with a handpicked mentor, who works with the business for a year. The story of Braven represents a textbook case of how these perspectives are brought to bear on a highly promising business model, with significant contributions from the Aspen Institute family along the way. Learn more about this inspiring story from Rick Braddock, who created the scholars program, mentored Braven, and is now on its board; Braven Chairman Richard Barth, CEO of Kipp, probably the most prominent educational reform movement in the country; and Aimée Eubanks-Davis, Braven’s CEO.

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Creating Value for Great Ideas: Take Them to Scale

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