Clean Power, Bright Future


One in three Americans are already what we define as energy insecure.

Melissa Lott ​Research director at Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy​

Clean Power, Bright Future


Our coffee makers, phone chargers, washing machines — our lives — are powered by the humble flip of a switch or press of a button. And it’s easy to lose sight of where the energy that powers our everyday conveniences comes from. Fossil fuels, predominantly through transportation and electricity, account for roughly 74 percent of US greenhouse gas emissions. As the principal instigator of the climate crisis, how can society transform the way in which we power our world? Can we decarbonize the grid and electrify everything, right now? From tiny nuclear reactors to advances in liquid hydrogen, better batteries to community solar, what are the best tools in our toolbox? What policies are critical to ensure that they scale, and how do we ensure no one is left behind?

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Clean Power, Bright Future

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