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Will this Anti-Poverty Measure Stick?

Will this Anti-Poverty Measure Stick?

Show Notes

When President Biden expanded the nation's Child Tax Credit in March, US Senator Michael Bennet applauded the move. Bennet, a democrat from Colorado, has been working to increase support for families since he introduced the American Family Act in Congress in 2017. Now he wants to make the Credit, which pays most American families $250 or $300/child each month, permanent. He says it will cut childhood poverty in half. Still, Republicans reject an effort to extend it saying it's a waste of taxpayer money and costs American jobs. Bennet speaks with Etsy CEO Josh Silverman about the role of the Federal Government and the private sector in assisting today's families. They're interviewed by Marketplace's Samantha Fields.

This conversation was part of the Global Inclusive Growth Summit held online October 14.

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