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We have to think about this movement in a way that we are making it affordable for a working family that wants to participate.

Kamala Harris Vice President, United States of America
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Vice President Kamala Harris Believes We Can Tackle Climate Change

Vice President Kamala Harris Believes We Can Tackle Climate Change

Show Notes

A problem as big as climate change relies on millions of incremental solutions of all sizes, but also requires leaders who can keep their eye on the big picture. Not all the movement on climate needs to come from the government, but making progress will rely in large part on executive action. Vice President Kamala Harris has a clear vision for the role that the U.S. government can play in solving this daunting problem, and is even excited about implementing solutions that she believes will not just avert disaster, but also improve public health and quality of life. She’s focused on making technology and clean energy available to all Americans, not just those who can easily afford upgrades. She took the stage at the 2023 Aspen Ideas: Climate event in Miami Beach to share her optimism and expand upon the policy ideas that are inspiring her and the Biden administration. Singer and Miami resident Gloria Estefan interviews Harris and talks about the changes she’s seen in her home city as the climate shifts, and the precious resources she hopes to protect.


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