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Can Gen Z Trust Their Elders?

Can Gen Z Trust Their Elders?

Show Notes

Today’s young people have not seen a lot of good examples of adults working together to solve problems. Generation Z is coming of age amidst daunting issues like climate change, gun violence, and a teen mental health crisis, and trusted adults seem few and far between to many of them. The rift goes both ways — Baby Boomers and Generation X also report distrust and dislike of young people. Members of the activist collective Gen Z for Change are taking matters into their own hands, using social media and digital tools to speak out and take action on issues they care about. And they’re getting results and forcing people to notice. Aidan Kohn-Murphy, the executive director of Gen Z for Change, and Sofia Ongele, the group’s digital strategy coordinator, join John Della Volpe, youth politics advisor and polling director at the Harvard Institute of Politics, for a frank and illuminating conversation about how to heal the generational divide. Washington Post technology columnist Taylor Lorenz moderates the conversation.


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