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Mueller testifying begins that moment when the country has to wrestle with what is a very damning document.

Garrett Graff Director of Cyber Initiatives, Aspen Digital, Aspen Institute; Columni...
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The Inside Story of the Mueller Investigation: How Will It Play Out?

The Inside Story of the Mueller Investigation: How Will It Play Out?

Show Notes

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify in front of Congress Wednesday. He’ll answer questions about the 400-plus page report he delivered to the Attorney General in March. The report details a two-year investigation on Russian election interference and whether President Trump obstructed justice. It left almost as many open questions as there were before Mueller began his probe. Some people argue the President has been cleared and it’s time to move on. How will what Mueller says to lawmakers change the public’s perspective? Will his testimony alter the trajectory in Washington? How will it impact policy? Neal Katyal, Georgetown Law professor, joins Ted Olson, former Solicitor General, and Garrett Graff, director of a Cyber-Journalism Initiative at the Aspen Institute. Mary Louise Kelly, co-host of “All Things Considered” at NPR, moderates their discussion. The views and opinions of the podcast guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Aspen Institute.


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