Leonardo da Vinci 2017

He is the world’s greatest genius, period.

Walter Isaacson Professor of History, Tulane University; Author, The Code Breaker; Dis...
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The Imagination of Leonardo da Vinci with Walter Isaacson

The Imagination of Leonardo da Vinci with Walter Isaacson

Show Notes

Walter Isaacson is fascinated by innovators — the kinds of geniuses whose ideas have transformed industry, science, and society. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Benjamin Franklin each grabbed his attention in ways that allow us, as readers, to discover the depth and breadth of their brilliant thinking and creative sensibilities. Now comes Leonardo da Vinci, whose boundless curiosity renders him perhaps the greatest creative genius of all time. Isaacson explains the lessons that da Vinci left behind that we can apply to our own lives. He speaks with David Rubenstein about his book Leonardo da Vinci, which was released in bookstores today.


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