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Where we begin falling apart as a culture and individually I think is to say, ‘I don’t want to know, I don’t care, I don’t like it. And, I don’t like it even though I really don’t know anything about it.’

Susan Orlean Writer, The New Yorker; Author
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Susan Orlean: It's Okay to be Clueless

Susan Orlean: It's Okay to be Clueless

Show Notes

New York Times best-selling author Susan Orlean says ignorance about a subject is a powerful igniter of curiosity. As someone who has written about bullfighters, orchid fanatics, and an African king who drives a taxi in New York City, she knows a thing or two about delving into far-flung topics. How can we learn to take in the world as an enthusiast and as a curious person? It’s especially important for writers, she says, but it’s more a state of mind than a professional tool. And in this heightened state of other, approaching people unlike ourselves with curiosity rather than judgement could serve us well in getting along and finding commonalities. Orlean joins radio host and “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” veteran Pete Dominick for a lively conversation.


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