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I really don't think that greatness comes from perfection...it's a really good way to live your whole life being afraid of what could go wrong.

Angela Duckworth Founder and CEO, Character Lab; Professor of Psychology, University of...
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Can Character Be Learned?

Can Character Be Learned?

Show Notes

Why is it so hard to watch our children fail? Why might a highly structured life for a child be a bad thing? And how important is our behavior, as adults, in the development of a child? In this episode, psychologist Angela Duckworth explains how to raise a child with strong character. Duckworth, who’s the author of "Grit" and a MacArthur Genius, talks with Jackie Bezos about how young people learn to be grateful, vulnerable, and fearless by modeling the adults in their lives. Bezos is the co-founder and president of the Bezos Family Foundation.


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