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With emotional health, people have the emotional equivalent of chest pain but they don't get it checked out until they're in the throes of cardiac arrest.

Lori Gottlieb Psychotherapist; Columnist, Dear Therapist, The Atlantic; Author, Mayb...
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Stop Being an Unreliable Narrator of Your Own Story

Stop Being an Unreliable Narrator of Your Own Story

Show Notes

Grappling with the challenges and problems life throws at us is difficult, especially during a pandemic. Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb says the stories we tell about ourselves and others can make it even harder to cope. She says we must look closely at the running commentary in our own minds to see if we are being too self-critical, or if we are not taking responsibility for our situation. Making connections with others can help us to hold a mirror up so we can better see ourselves. Aspen Institute president Dan Porterfield speaks with Gottlieb about taking care of our emotional health and ways to make the changes we want in our lives. Gottlieb authored the New York Times bestseller “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” She co-hosts the “Dear Therapist” podcast and Atlantic magazine advice column.


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