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We are here to educate the next generation of young people, and part of that education is to also ensure that they are as healthy, both physically and emotionally, that they can be.

Paula Johnson President, Wellesley College
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College Students, Mental Health, and the University's Role

College Students, Mental Health, and the University's Role

Show Notes

Across the US, students are heading back to college for the start of the school year. Many will wrestle with mental health challenges. Campus counseling offices are busier than ever and peer-run mental health clubs are popping up. Colleges are working to keep up as students’ academic, social, and athletic demands sometimes become too much to bear. In this episode, Teen Vogue editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay leads a conversation with Paula Johnson, president of Wellesley College, and Dan Porterfield, now president of the Aspen Institute and former head of Franklin & Marshall College.


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