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What we have seen very graphically is that there’s talent in all sorts of places and we want to reach that talent.

Robert Zimmer President, University of Chicago
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Getting In: College Access for All

Getting In: College Access for All

Show Notes

In June, the University of Chicago announced it will become test-optional. It's the first elite school to do so. The move is part of a bigger effort to expand access to a broader talent pool of well-deserving applicants. But, will removing the requirement that incoming undergraduates submit ACT and SAT scores make a difference? What are the best ways to reach aspiring students who are stopped from applying by fees and tuition costs? And how should universities measure merit and success? University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer talks with David Coleman, president and CEO of the College Board, a nonprofit that provides free SAT practice. The conversation is led by Aspen Institute President and former college president Dan Porterfield.


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