Strobe Talbott 2014

Russians will not feel entirely secure unless all of their neighbors feel entirely insecure.

Strobe Talbott President, Brookings Institution; Former US Deputy Secretary of State
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On Russia and Putinism

On Russia and Putinism

Show Notes

This episode features Nicholas Burns and Strobe Talbott discussing Russia and Putinism. Burns is director of the Aspen Strategy Group and Talbott is an ASG member and president of the Brookings Institution. In this discussion, they follow up on a lecture Talbott gave at the Aspen Institute back in August. That lecture, entitled "Putinism: The Back Story," focused on Russia’s current policies, turning a lens on what Talbott asserts are the undoing of recent reforms. (Watch the full lecture: Here, Burns asks Talbott to reflect on what has changed, and what hasn’t, over the last eight months.


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