ASF 2016 The Russian Bear on the Prowl

Putin is pushing the boundaries on what Russian foreign policy is going to be about.

Elissa Slotkin US Representative (D), 8th Congressional District, Michigan
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The Russian Bear on the Prowl

The Russian Bear on the Prowl

Show Notes

Vladimir Putin continues to taunt the US and Europe at every turn by testing NATO’s resolve, propping up Assad, provoking Ukraine, and even doing what he can to further complicate the migrant crisis. Domestically, Russia’s involvement in hacking the Democratic National Convention is in question. Heather Conley, Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic; Director, Europe Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies discusses the current state with Elissa Slotkin, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Their discussion, which takes place at the Aspen Security Forum, is moderated by Massimo Calabresi, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief and Senior Correspondent, Time Magazine.


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