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We're trying to take the lessons from tackling bots and apply them to fake news.

Ash Bhat CEO and Co-Founder, RoBhat Labs
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Off Stage 8: Tackling Twitter’s Bots

Off Stage 8: Tackling Twitter’s Bots

Show Notes

Tech entrepreneur Ash Bhat dropped out of high school and college to pursue digital projects. The 20-year-old’s latest effort: combating online bots, or Twitter accounts with no human oversight. It’s a job that’s worth a break from school, he thinks. “We have a moral responsibility to make a difference.” With his company RoBhat Labs, he and his co-founder are working to tackle the spread of fake news. He tells investigative tech reporter Kashmir Hill that stomping out bots can help unite a divided nation. The "Off Stage Series" goes into the issues that impact all of us. These conversations feature presenters at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Off Stage is part of the Aspen Ideas to Go podcast.


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