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You don't have to be the arbiter of truth, but you should be the arbiter of integrity, the arbiter of authenticity.

Renee DiResta Technical Research Manager, Stanford Internet Observatory
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Off Stage 6: The Menace of Disinformation

Off Stage 6: The Menace of Disinformation

Show Notes

With the midterm elections around the corner, should internet users be on alert for fake news? As research director at New Knowledge, Renee DiResta investigates the spread of disinformation across social networks. Since the 2016 presidential election, tech companies like hers have taken “meaningful steps,” she says. In her conversation with Kashmir Hill, investigative reporter for Gizmodo Media, DiResta explains how she’s working to stop disinformation from going viral. The "Off Stage Series" goes into the issues that impact all of us. These conversations feature presenters at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Off Stage is part of the Aspen Ideas to Go podcast.


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