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[The North Korean regime] is more stable and less irrational than people think.

Fareed Zakaria Journalist; Author, "Age of Revolutions: Progress and Backlash from 16...
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Can We Prevent a North Korea Crisis?

Can We Prevent a North Korea Crisis?

Show Notes

Known as the “land of lousy options,” North Korea has posed problems for the US for decades. But now, the country is testing its missiles regularly and the situation is increasingly dire. What are the best solutions for dealing with this escalating crisis? In this episode, speakers at the Aspen Ideas Festival work to demystify the North Korea subject, cut through the rhetoric, and examine what solutions are possible. Elizabeth Economy, director of Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” and Thomas Friedman, foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times. Their conversation is led by Evan Osnos, a staff writer at The New Yorker.


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