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David Petraeus Partner, KKR; Chairman, KKR Global Institute; Former CIA Director and...
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National Security in the Age of 'America First'

National Security in the Age of 'America First'

Show Notes

The Trump Administration has said it’s “committed to a foreign policy focused on American interests and American national security.” Critics have said Trump is isolating the US by withdrawing from the Paris agreement, waffling on a commitment to NATO, and abandoning the TPP. But, this month the president deepened American involvement abroad by announcing the US would deploy more troops to Afghanistan. It’s a conflict he once called “futile,” reports the New York Times. What is the Trump doctrine on foreign policy? Featuring Julia Ioffe, reporter for The Atlantic, David Petraeus, former CIA director, Peter Feaver, Duke political science professor, and David Rothkopf, CEO of The Rothkopf Group.


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