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It's not impossible to change your mind. It is in fact a sign of intellectual maturity and sophistication.

Bret Stephens Opinion Columnist, The New York Times
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Bret Stephens and John Englander on Climate Skepticism

Bret Stephens and John Englander on Climate Skepticism

Show Notes

Even people who agree that climate change is a problem don’t necessarily agree on what to do about it. And some people still need a little more convincing that the threat is as serious as climate scientists and activists have been telling us it is. It can be difficult for skeptics with serious, well-intentioned questions to find a forum for getting answers. New York Times columnist Bret Stephens knows what that intellectual journey is like firsthand, having gone from climate skepticism to climate evangelism in just a few years, with the help of patient authorities on climate science. Oceanographer and sea level rise expert John Englander was one of the scientists who helped Stephens make that transformation, even inviting him on a trip to Greenland to see receded sea ice up close. Englander and Stephens reunite on stage at the 2023 Aspen Ideas: Climate event in Miami Beach to talk about persisting climate skepticism and effective tools of persuasion. The talk is moderated by Susan Goldberg, the president and CEO of public media company GBH.


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