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People are really yearning for that contact, for that connection.

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Adopting a Dog during Quarantine? You’re Not Alone

Adopting a Dog during Quarantine? You’re Not Alone

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Have you considered adopting a dog lately? You’re not alone. Animal shelters and nonprofits are seeing a rise in the number of people adopting and fostering pets during the Covid-19 crisis. Before you bring home a new canine companion, dog cognition expert Alexandra Horowitz says there are a few things to consider. Horowitz, who runs the Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College, wants these newly formed dog-human relationships to last beyond the pandemic. She also speaks with Brian Hare, professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, about the mind of a dog. What’s your dog thinking when they welcome you home? How do they perceive you and the world around them?

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